Play better, stronger, faster…

This blog is designed to pull together anything and everything that can help you improve your game. It draws on the Aggregation of Marginal Gains philosophy of Team GB cycling and their consultant psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters. The theory is any improvement you can make, no matter how miniscule, will aggregate into a constant total improvement. It is the most optimistic and inspiring philosophy for any sport and translates well into field hockey. 

On the Team Sky website,27290,17547_5792058,00.html British Cycling performance director Dave Brailsford explains the theory: “We’ve got this saying, ‘performance by the aggregation of marginal gains. It means taking the 1% from everything you do; finding a 1% margin for improvement in everything you do. That’s what we try to do from the mechanics upwards.

“If a mechanic sticks a tyre on, and someone comes along and says it could be done better, it’s not an insult – it’s because we are always striving for improvement, for those 1% gains, in absolutely every single thing we do.”

So this blog will bring you anything I can source that will help you make improvements to your hockey. Whether it’s how you hold the stick, exactly where to place the ball or what type of kit you should use…this is where you’ll find information on the best way to make improvements. 


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