Receiving the ball

This is a comprehensive video clip from the excellent England Hockey coaching series about how to receive the ball.

This is one of the key skills for beginner and learning players. When you first start on the pitch one of the biggest fears is messing up on a pass from a team mate – and this clip shows the skills you’ll need to work on to receive it perfectly, however it arrives!

Also what advanced players and coaches often don’t tell beginners – because it seems so obvious – is to watch that ball as it approaches. Watch it as if your life depended on it – and so that you can almost see the dimples on the ball. Watch it onto your stick – having pre scanned for where to make your next pass.

When you are more advanced scanning and receiving will come more easily, but for beginners the best tip is watching that ball closely on to your stick.

Receive with soft hands. Again another novice mistake is to grip the stick for dear life, which makes the ball bounce off your stick as you touch it. Instead, keep hands soft rather than gripping and tense.


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