Hockey stick test Grays gx10000 jumbow

Grays gx10000 stick

Grays GX10000 Composite Hockey Stick

The GX10000 Jumbow stick came out second top in the Push Hockey magazine stick test of 31 sticks. Just above it was the cheaper stick adidas LX24-2 adibow 24. However, I have my eye on the Grays stick. I love Grays products and this comes in a light version that’s just a fraction heavier than the Voodoo Code Red stick I’ve been using for the last two seasons. I love the look of this silver Grays stick which came out highest of any stick for power – and rated highly for playability, touch, dribbling and lift.

A first eleven player (not named but a striker) who tested for the magazine and rated the Grays his top pick gave the stick 9/10 overall and his top power mark. A veteran international/coach tester rated this 49/50 – he is an experienced defender. It was joint winner for playability (the ‘feels right’ factor); and equal first for first touch (how the stick controlled the ball when passing and receiving: testers assessed the touch with a pass and receive from a bounce board); it’s lowest rating was for dribble (dribbling through cones and some close-controlled moves) but was still rated fifth out of the 31 reviewed, it was third for lifting and 3D skills and rated top for power.

But the testers at Push point out that ultimately choosing a stick is a personal matter. Indeed, I know to my own cost that you can’t tell how a stick will work for you until you use it in a match. I bought a new TK stick last season, but soon put it back in my bag because I found it too heavy and cumbersome. I reverted to using my old Voodoo stick but this is now so worn that I have just invested in a Grays gx 10000 Jumbow – but have yet to try it out in a match or training.

27 March 2013. End of season update. Our season has now finished and I have scored a lot of goals with this new Gray’s stick. I love it – it’s sometimes quite stiff so I have to remember to soften my hands more when receiving than I did with my last voodoo stick. However, once I had got the hang of this I much prefer this Grays to any other stick I’ve tried before.

5 January 2015. This had become my second back up stick and I have now reverted to a Dynabow from Grays which actually I prefer although there’s not such control on a backstick shot. Sadly, a junior player borrowed by Jumbow at a match and I rather than reclaim it I left it beside the pitch. Despite trying to track it down it was taken. So that’s the end of my Jumbow. It has good control but now using a Dynabow I can see that it’s predominantly a stick for drag flickers, which I’m not. I’m happier with my Dynabow.


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  1. Used this new stick for the first time in a match on Saturday. First touch and control vastly improved on my voodoo stick and plenty of power. Scored two goals so I’m more than happy with this stick.


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