Review of Jamie Dwywer online coaching

Just bought a ‘goal shooting package’ from Jamie Dwyer online. You pay $20 for a log in password then you can access clips on his website. What a disappointment. Sorry Jamie Dwyer – I love you and how you play hockey, but your web clips didn’t help me learn. Most clips last just a couple of minutes so it’s not great value. Jamie talks a bit about each different shot, but there’s not much info on how you put them into play yourself. His clip on deflections was over in a few seconds. Deflecting on the left – which is what I usually do – he shows you that you use reverse stick and keep low. Then in the few seconds where he shows them in action at the end, he does a deflection on the left holding the stick how you normally would, not reverse stick. I have seen far far better stuff free on youtube. I am glad I just bought a single section rather than paying $99 for the full package. What a shame because these could have been so much better. For $20 I would have expected each clip to last longer. Sorry, it really pains me to say this about the wonderful Jamie Dwyer, but until he adds longer clips which show close ups of exactly how to execute what he is saying – don’t bother buying his online coaching. Sorry Jamie these aren’t much help for improver players – although you say in your introduction video they are suitable for all skill levels!

Jamie Dwyer online


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