Hockey tomahawk strike – technique

Watching live feed of the India Hockey League it’s clear that the reverse hit is crucial for these high-powered teams.

The reverse hit, backstick shot or tomahawk – whatever you want to call it – is a useful striking move for a left wing.

So how on earth do you perfect this nifty move? In the following video, coach Tim Collier at Ryde Hockey Club, in Australia, walking you through the exact technique.

I also think the following video clips are helpful too…

Finally, there’s a great video clip from my favourite coach, Tjerk Van Herwaarden. It’s teaching reverse hit, but you wouldn’t know it from the title. Can’t seem to embed a link to this in my post – just keep saying ‘video does not exist’. But it does exist. I’ve watched it and if you look for the following on youtube, you will find it.

Tjerk Van Herwaarden: Coaching Technical Skills for Field Hockey


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