How to have more confidence on the pitch

Peak performance on the hockey pitch is all about confidence. Yet every player at some stage will be struck with self-doubt and negative thoughts. So what’s the best way to deal with any nagging doubts in your head and keep your game strong?

One study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology (click here for Scientific study) came to the surprising conclusion that squeezing a ball in your left hand, or even clenching your left hand into a fist, can help right-handed players improve performance.

The theory is that when you feel stressed or worried about your performance you overthink and, in turn, over ride automatic play which you have probably drilled many times before. Squeezing the left hand, activates the right side of the brain which is the seat of automated behaviour.




2 Replies to “How to have more confidence on the pitch”

  1. Hi Liz
    For those who suffer from shin pad irritation – (Bacteria which builds up under your shin guards can grow and cause severe painful irritation) or for those who don;t liek the sweaty feel – have a lok at Shinnerz ( ) Hugely popular amongst hockey players.


    1. Can’t personally recommend these shin pad liner socks as I haven’t tried them but they look a great idea. I’ve been using flight socks underneath my shin pads as I can’t bear that sweaty feeling with shin pads against bare skin – but these look a better idea.


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