Receiving the ball in field hockey

Before you try and learn high-end skills or techniques in hockey (drag flicks, tomahawk hit,etc) you have to master the basics. If you are new to hockey, receiving the ball is the first skill to learn – and it’s helpful to revisit techniques too even if you’ve been playing for a while. Bad habits can creep in and it can be beneficial to remind yourself of how the ball should be received ideally for maximum speed and positioning ready for your next pass.

This youtube clip from England Hockey covers all the different types of ball receiving – from the left, right, reverse stick, etc… There’s some useful stuff in here, even for more advanced players.

For new and improving players the biggest lesson is to try and keep soft hands when you receive the ball. Also, rather than stopping the ball dead, to try and work with its momentum to move it to where you want it to be next.


2 Replies to “Receiving the ball in field hockey”

  1. Hi Liz. 🙂 Yes, I am a field hockey player in the US, and I play outside midfielder. I recently found your blog, and I’ve found your posts really helpful, particularly those about offensive moves and skills like this one .


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