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Drag flick technique: One for the drag flick anoraks among you

Drag flick analysis Click on this link for a blog uploaded by an academic who has analysed drag flicks to see what makes the ball go faster and what doesn’t. If you’ve time on your hands and are truly dedicated … Continue reading

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Drag flick technique in slow motion.

Just found this fantastic slow motion drag flick video that’s been uploaded on youtube. It shows Indian hockey ace Rupinder drag flick in slow motion. See how he sets himself then leads into the ball. Rupinder still uses the cross … Continue reading

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Attacking tips: key principles of leading

I was recently lucky enough to attend a coaching masterclass in Norwich, UK, with England under-16 hockey boys head coach Charlie Bannister on small unit play. I am just a level-one coach so it was a privilege to see this … Continue reading

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Defending skills in field hockey

I help coach my daughter’s under 10 squad and they have been going right back to basics with hockey skills. This week they were working on jab tackles and block tackles. It’s made me realise how important it is to … Continue reading

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Intercepting the ball in field hockey

I’m out injured at the moment – torn calf – so I’ve been watching my team from the sidelines. I have learned just as much watching as playing this last couple of weeks. Firstly, I’ve noticed that the winning, best … Continue reading

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