Defending skills in field hockey

I help coach my daughter’s under 10 squad and they have been going right back to basics with hockey skills. This week they were working on jab tackles and block tackles. It’s made me realise how important it is to understand the basics before you start trying to do the fancy stuff.

This video has some excellent points.
– Body position: never face an attacker straight on. Angle your body at 45 degrees with your right shouler level with their right shoulder. This allows you to encourage or channel them on to your strong side.

– This video says to imaging you have a line going through your body and the aim is to stop the attacker crossing the line to your left shoulder. You should aim to channel them to your right.

– When jabbing – even if you don’t get the ball, the aim is to force the attacker to get their head down so they can’t make a pass and to slow them down while your team get into positions and come and help.

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