Drag flick technique in slow motion.

Just found this fantastic slow motion drag flick video that’s been uploaded on youtube. It shows Indian hockey ace Rupinder drag flick in slow motion. See how he sets himself then leads into the ball. Rupinder still uses the cross over step. He generates a huge amount of power with his strong physique and good technique. Rupinder is one of the best drag flickers in the game of hockey at the moment.

This video is amazing!!!! There is a camera on the stick and (turn your head or the screen so you can watch at the correct angle) and you’ll see exactly where the ball touches the stick first and how it gradually rolls up the stick shaft to gain power before it flicks off the stick. Can’t believe how fantastic this video is for anybody who wants to learn to drag flick.



Author: Liz Hollis

I am a journalist, media and content consultant.