Improve your penalty corner injections

In this Summer’s issue of England Hockey’s corporate magazine, there’s some useful tips of how to improve your injections…

  • Go for weight transfer over brute force
  • Ball in the hook of the stick
  • Elbow and hips drive the stroke
  • Set up – avoid giving away what you are going to do. Adopt a neutral stance to keep the defence guessing.
  • Maximise accuracy by developing a stance that helps you lead the injection with your front elbow. Your stance, most crucially, should also optimise weight transfer from your right leg to the stable ‘block’ of your bent left leg and lowered left shoulder. So as wide a stance as possible while staying well-balanced at the completion of the stroke.
  • Know ahead where you want the ball to go by having set routines that you and your teammates have prepared. Three well-rehearsed routines are better than six dodgy ones.
  • Work the near post. You have shortest distance to goal as injector, so run in for a deflection shot.

These extra points are from a Hockey Australia skills video…

  • Front foot pointing in direction you want the ball to go
  • Right hand third way down your stick, not too low down though. Finger out.
  • Left knee bent with weight on left foot.
  • Eyes looking at target after positioning ball
  • On release right foot moves forward


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