How to do a G-turn to beat a defender

Check out this new video from 3D Hockey. Ignoring the annoying music track that accompanies the clip – not great when you’re working in a shared office guys – there’s a great little trick around 40 seconds in.

I’ve seen one of our first team use this move repeatedly to beat a defender. She’s fast, agile and young and while I can see it works I couldn’t quite see what she was doing foot-work wise. But watching this video I can see it’s exactly this – and it’s really effective. It even has a name – the G-turn. Give it a go.


3 thoughts on “How to do a G-turn to beat a defender

  1. Except that… except that if it is done within the playing reach of a defender who is attempting to play at the ball it will be an obstructive offence and beyond the playing reach of a defender it is only one of a number of ways of changing direction: for me it stays in the ‘fancy tricks and juggling for display purposes’ category – not hockey.


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