Jinking 3D skills to beat a field hockey defender

Just discovered this useful masterclass on jinking from coach Darrin Rupecht. I was an assistant coach last weekend with a group of under 12 girls trying these skills out for the first time and it was incredible how quickly they picked it up. The thinking now is that youngsters should start learning and using these skills immediately, at all levels of hockey. Nothing like starting as you mean to go on…

I like how this video shows you close up how to position your hands and the stick for a jink. And how useful it can be to beat a defender’s stick in the D and then take a sneaky shot on goal. Watching the Rabobank world cup earlier this year I can see that these are the tricks the most skilled attackers are using when they appear, against the odds, to beat a circle of defenders blocking them and find their way into the circle.

Here’s a video skills clip but the bit I want you to watch is in the opening sequence at 20 seconds in. It’s a superb reverse stick jink over a defender’s stick.

Master these jinking skills and you’ll be unbeatable. And just to show how unbeatable here’s a vine clip showing the best of the best jinking skills…


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