Secrets of goal shooting from a baseline pass

This clip by high performance coach Larry McIntosh is excellent for learning how to receive a baseline pass and then shoot at goal from both right and left.

When you get a baseline pass from the right side of the goal he recommends positioning yourself with your feet in line with the goal so you can immediately strike. However, he shows that having one foot slightly back rather than planted feet will make your stronger and less liable to be taken off balance by another player.

At 1:47 in he praises the striker for getting their bottom hand low on the stick when receiving the ball. If you look carefully that hand is actually really low – giving much more control. He also recommends pushing the left hand forward to trap the ball more easily – but not too much or the ball will deflect in the wrong direction.

All you need now is to train a team mate to be on the baseline to send a pass to you…


One Reply to “Secrets of goal shooting from a baseline pass”

  1. Wow, this is very helpful. Sometimes, I get tangled up
    in the high traffic that often occurs in the semicircle, but
    this concise, yet effective technique will definitely enable
    me to achieve a more precise shooting technique. 🙂


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