Dragflick secrets revealed: Drag flick technique in slow motion with adidas TX24 stick

Admittedly, this youtube clip is designed to advertise the adidas TX24 stick. However, because it’s such a high quality bit of film, rare on youtube, it’s great for seeing in huge detail the body positioning and stick position for executing a fast and furious drag flick.

At the start of the clip you can see her hand positioning – she has her the index finger of her bottom hand pointing down the stick, for example. You can also see where the ball is in relation to her feet when she first makes contact with it – and how far from the stick her forearm is at this point too.

Here’s the same player, or at least I think it’s the same one, explaining to kids how she does a drag flick. It’s 21.30 minutes into this clip..

Plenty to try for those attempting to learn this tricky shot!




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