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Drag flick masterclass with Kwan Browne and Sky Sports

A feature in the Telegraph (link at end of this blog post) talks about the importance of the drag flick – and why it’s lacking in Team GB women. It also hails Grace Balsdon as the next drag flick specialist. The … Continue reading

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Jamie Dwyer’s secret weapon? Tape near the heel of his hockey stick

This is interesting. At 1:46 mins into this youtube clip, Jamie Dwyer mentions that he puts a bit of tape near the heel of his stick. “I put a little bit of tape on my stick to get that softness of the … Continue reading

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How to choose and buy a new field hockey stick

Apologies in advance, but this post is going to be a work in progress. I need a new stick.  My much-loved Grays Jumbow Grays Jumbow gx10000 review has worn to the point where the hook area is reduced. Time for a … Continue reading

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Short or tall – don’t look at others, play to your own strengths, says Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles talks to juniors In this clip Mark Knowles is talking to some junior players. At 19.20 minutes in he talks about why it’s important to play to your strengths. This resonated with me as I’m very petite! “Don’t … Continue reading

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Timing your food for games

Hockey nutrition guide New Zealand hockey has come up with a nutrition plan for hockey players (see link above) that advises on how to time your food intake before games for optimum performance… More about what exactly to eat in … Continue reading

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Push pass – getting the follow through right

This video is a little dull but bear with – right at the end it shows the difference in the stick follow through on a good and weak push pass. To get a great push pass you have to follow … Continue reading

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