Drag flick masterclass with Kwan Browne and Sky Sports

A feature in the Telegraph (link at end of this blog post) talks about the importance of the drag flick – and why it’s lacking in Team GB women. It also hails Grace Balsdon as the next drag flick specialist.

The piece also links to a brilliant drag flick masterclass from Kwan Browne. Watch right to the end as he teaches the presenter the total beginner’s guide to drag flick footwork.

  • He approaches at a 45 degree angle for more power
  • Keep head low over the ball. Really important.
  • Pull from far behind body to get more power.
  • Last big step.
  • Follow through with where you’ve delivered the drag flick.
  • Left foot in line or in front of ball.

Kwan says he’s worked with javelin coach John Thrower (that name seems ridiculously apt) who suggested it’s important to break down every part of the drag flick to make sure each is contributing to maximum power. The angle of your feet and more hip rotation can apparently give you a more powerful flick.

Telegraph article


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