Coaching mini hockey – basics of a great session

My brother Joe is an excellent and well-respected cricket coach who is qualified to a high level. He is known for helping the less experienced players up their game and dramatically improve and has built a hugely strong and thiving club by building up from junior level and bringing young players through.

I had a chat with him over the weekend and this was his recommendation for a good coaching session in any sport…

  • Have a session scheduled around a key skill. Plan, plan and plan again.
  • Introduce yourself and warm up.
  • Constantly check for understanding with open questions. “Where are you going to hit the ball?”
  • Don’t get stressed if the session you planned doesn’t work. Just say: “This is not working, we’ll change this.”
  • Demonstrate a skill and get them to try it.
  • Call them back in and check for understanding. “So tell me something about going in for  rebound off the keeper’s feet?”
  • Demo again and call back in again for understanding
  • Small unit game play – set with conditions to use the skill they just drilled. eg. Two points for a goal, one point for following up a rebound off the keeper’s feet.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell off children who are really misbehaving. Joe takes them back to their parents who are watching, if they are really disruptive.
  • At the very end of the session revisit the key skill again with some more open questions.
  • Make the kids tidy up at the end of the session.
  • It’s all about learning through play…



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