Scoring goals the Katie Reinprecht way – using backspace

Couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered this clip from Katie Reinprecht (pictured below) on the internet. US women’s national field hockey player Katie, reveals how she scores successfully by using backspace in the D to create a scoring opportunity. The ball is powered in with a nifty squeeze shot. Respect Katie – what a shot!


To see the video click here … Using backspace to score

To find out more about Katie Reinprecht click here…

She used it to great effect in a goal against Germany in the 2014 hockey world cup. As commentator Chloe Rogers says: “the goalie’s got no chance of saving that!”.

Katie says: “the time you want to use this is when you’re posting back in the circle. Post back, with a defender on your back, when the ball comes in to you from a pass, you want to take a small touch,” she says – pushing the ball slightly forward.

“As the ball is moving you want to be slowly turning your body. So basically the point of this is that when it comes into you the defender is on your back. By moving it into the back space as opposed to the sides, there is no way a defender can get a touch on it.”

Result = a cracking goal. I love this. You’d have to be cool and calm not to push it to your side towards goal but to push it away from you and keep the defender blocked behind you. But it looks so effective. “The defender is just in no-man’s land” says Katie. Love it!.

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