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Hockey stick review: Grays GX8000 Midbow

GRAYS GX 8000 Mid Bow Hockey Stick I wanted to try a heavier, straighter stick so I thought I’d test out the GX8000 Mid Bow from Grays in a medium weight. I’m a devoted Grays stick fan so decided to choose from … Continue reading

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Here’s what a top hockey coach observed at the 2014 world cup…

Tasmanian Institute of Sport Hockey Coach Andrew McDonald (pictured below) attended the World Cup for a HA Coach education study tour.Here are some of his fascinating observations about what he saw there. His notes identify trends in play – and training implications for this. … Continue reading

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Defending penalty short corners

Tips and information on how to defend a penalty corner… This is Dutch international Tjerk’s powerpoint on offensive and defensive corners This post has a great video with captions about defending a short corners This is a short but easy follow … Continue reading

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How to play right wing in field hockey. Insights from playing left back

An injury for a friendly match meant that I had to play left defender in a club hockey match last Saturday. Marking and patrolling to prevent right side attacks from the opposition was one of the best eye openers I … Continue reading

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How to play left back defender in field hockey

  It’s important to be versatile when you play club hockey and on Saturday an injury in the team meant I tried my hand at playing in defense in a friendly match. I enjoyed it but am after more information about … Continue reading

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