Time to ditch the skirts?

Should women players be able to choose whether they wear a skirt or shorts?

The Vancouver Women’s Field Hockey Association were recently forced to vote on this following an incident where player Kaity Cooper defied the existing skirt rule and wore shorts instead. Report on vote

The  Association has since ruled that each team can choose to wear shorts or skirts — but whatever they decide, all team members must wear the same outfit.

Kaity Cooper

Kaity Cooper from her Twitter profile. Follow her blog at F is for Feminist blog

She reports being ordered off the pitch and being threatened with suspension. The governing hockey association will be voting next week on whether players can wear shorts instead of skirts.

“My teammates and I were really shocked,” she told CBC News. She wants players to have a choice, because shorts are more comfortable.

In a report of the incident written by Kaity herself Click here, the social justice lawyer says she finds it surprising that in a progressive city like Vancouver the rule is wear a Lycra miniskirt or don’t play.

She writes: “We think it’s time for change. On February 18, 2015 the League will vote (for the fourth time in the last few years) on whether women in Vancouver will get the option to play field hockey in shorts. Help us by sharing our story. #MySportMyChoice,” she says.

Click here for Vancouver news report

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One Reply to “Time to ditch the skirts?”

  1. It is completely ridiculous that in the 21st century such rules still exist. As long as there is some form of uniformity within the team and enough difference between the two teams it doesn’t matter if players wear shorts, skirts, long trousers, polo shirts or long sleeved sweaters.

    There are still so many of these ancient rules around that I feel ashamed for the 21st century.


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