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GB women’s team look sexy to gain press coverage

GB Women’s hockey team members have taken part in a photo shoot on behalf of their sponsors Investec (see still from photo shoot above). It appeared here in Telegraph Sport. The article also has lots more interesting information and stats about … Continue reading

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Test yourself on field hockey rules

The rules of hockey can be confusing – especially when club level umpires often don’t seem to understand them either! I’ve just had the frustrating experience of confusing umpiring at summer league. I’m not an umpire so I may have this wrong … Continue reading

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Jink steal – nifty elimination move to take the hockey ball before a defender even gets to it!

Watch out defenders  – be very afraid! Here’s an effective, new elimination move for a skilled attacker. This is a handy little move if you want to take the ball off a defender, jinking it over their stick and into the … Continue reading

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Jamie Dwyer elimination trick

A great hockey tip from Jamie Dwyer, one of the world’s best Australian hockey players. This is such a good way to eliminate an opposition player in the D, but you’d need to keep your calm to do it. This can … Continue reading

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