GB women’s team look sexy to gain press coverage

team gb photo shoot

GB Women’s hockey team members have taken part in a photo shoot on behalf of their sponsors Investec (see still from photo shoot above). It appeared here in Telegraph Sport. The article also has lots more interesting information and stats about hockey and the GB team that make it well worth reading.

But should women hockey players don spectacularly high heels, crop tops and make-up to gain some coverage for the sponsors – or is this simply sexist stereotyping? Women’s sport has barely any coverage in the British national papers and women’s hockey virtually none. I frequently pick up the sports sections of a UK paper and there’s not a single image of a woman in there. Yet, here are the team getting full coverage just because they are dressed up and looking pretty.

Perhaps it wouldn’t matter so much if they achieved more regular coverage for their sporting abilities. However, the last time I saw a picture of a GB women hockey player in the paper it was Kate Richardson-Walsh with her broken jaw at the 2012 Olympics.

I went to the Rabobank hockey world cup in 2014 which seemed a big sporting deal to me – although as a hockey fanatic I may be biased. I missed the final few matches and looked for coverage of them in the British press.

All I could find were a few side-bar news in brief pieces. Hardly any coverage at all – let alone pictures of hockey players. Let alone pictures of women hockey players. Would have been nice to have seen a report and image of the women’s final.

I feel disappointed that these amazing women are forced to glam up and teeter around in ridiculously high heels to gain coverage for their sponsor. I’d like to see more images of them in their sporting kit and in action. Apparently, Richardson-Walsh would rather see images of sports women in action and wishes they didn’t have to pose for sexy pictures to get attention.

What do you think?


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