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Leading in an arc – how to create space

This drill with coach Steve Lancaster shows a tactic for creating space behind a defender. He asks the players to run in an arc. When they just run straight across to receive the ball he explains that the defender can … Continue reading

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How to score tomahawk backstick goals

Netherlands vs Argentina – Women’s Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 Hague Semi Final [12/6/2014] I love this goal. There’s a fine tomahawk goal by Dutch player Xan de Waard on this clip around ten minutes into the match (21 minutes … Continue reading

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Amazing 3D hockey skills

Ignore the distracting music on this video – or turn down the volume – and take a look at the amazing 3D skills on show here. The end of the video shows some 3D drills which look pretty good – … Continue reading

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A beginner’s guide to choosing a field hockey stick

By Sean Nelson Editor Field Hockey Review Just starting field hockey or need a new stick? There are so many different options that finding the right stick for you can be a daunting task, writes Sean Nelson, editor of Field Hockey … Continue reading

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2015-16 season rule changes for hockey. No more long corners

There are some FIH rule changes for the coming 2015-1 season. Click here to find out more detail about the 2015 rule changes The key ones players need to know about are… No more long corners. If the ball is sent … Continue reading

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How to inject the ball on a short corner

how to inject the ball on a short corner , penalty corner. Continue reading

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