Indoor hockey tips and techniques

Last night was session one of a five-week Introduction to Hockey course at the University of East Anglia with DL Total Hockey.

Coaching points…

  • Receive a ball coming from the right near your back foot. Keep your feet facing forward in the direction you want to go for a faster movement when you’ve received the ball.
  • Angle the handle of the stick forward. This stops the ball bouncing up – a no no in indoor hockey.
  • Come out of contact. Don’t carry the ball into trouble. Instead, pull the ball backwards out of contact and move away from a defender.
  • You must move quickly to be support once you’ve passed the ball because there are so few players on an indoor pitch. Pass and move, pass and move.
  • Keep the stick in contact with the ball as much as possible.
  • Don’t force passes through a defender, pass around.
  • Use the width of the pitch. This stretches out the opposition and makes them easier to beat.
  • Pass, pass, pass and keep the ball away from defenders.
  • You can carry the ball hard in a right diagonal direction one-handed. But use your left hand on the stick. Outfield, you’d be inclined to carry to the right with your right hand on the stick but left hand works best indoors. It feels odd but it’s effective. Come out of contact, V drag then carry hard in a right diagonal direction with your left hand on the stick.

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