How to inject the ball on a short corner

how to inject the ball on a short corner , penalty corner.


It has various names – drag out or injection. It’s all the same move and involves sending the ball out from the backline on a penalty short corner. It’s pretty difficult to do well and there are lots of variables that can be adjusted to suit your playing style and likes and dislikes. There are a lot of techniques. None are right or wrong, it’s what works for you. Here’s a few pointers…

Foot distance from ball: Glen Turner likes his back foot a little further away from the ball than most elite players. “I feel like it gives me more power to be a bit wider,” he says. “It depends how flexible you are.”

Glen Turner drag out foot position

Injection starting position

Top image: Glen Turner foot position on drag flick. Bottom image: From another Youtube video to show a different elite player who positions their foot closer to the ball. 

Back foot: Behind line. Then follows through afterwards to create even more power.

Head: He always looks up to look where he’s sending the ball and then back down again. He looks at the person he’s sending it to first. Looks back at his stick and gets the ball in position.

Front foot: Glen Turner has his pointing towards the direction he wants the ball to travel. He puts quite a lot of weight on the front foot before he goes because he feels this helps disguise cues from the runners.Try to have as least movement as possible to disguise what you’re going to do.

Glen Turner 2

Shoulder: Stance in line with target.

Hands: Can have finger of right hand pointed down the stick – or not. It’s a personal choice. The lower hand is the main controlling hand. In the following video, showing the German women warming up, watch a push out injection with the finger-down technique.

Stick: Top of handle pointed at target.

Ball: Gains momentum by staying on your stick as long as possible.

Elbow: Loads of momentum coming from left elbow. Some have arms relatively straight as Glen Turner does in the video still below.

Glen turner three

Just as further food for thought, there is now a trend towards a moving approach to a short corner. Find out more on this video link Movement v static penalty corner

Author: Liz Hollis

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