Different technique, same success. Choose your own style for a penalty-corner drag-out.

This is a great new video from Sports Media Group showing that even international players have different styles in corner drag outs. There is no one-size fits all. Instead, it’s about finding the technique that suits you best and has the best effect for your team. 

This video shows Aran Zaleweski and Russell Ford, both top level players, injecting out with completely different styles. One has the stick head and ball much further away from his foot than the other. One raises his foot a little before he drags the ball. One has a more upright stance. Both look at the target before they drag the ball out. Both techniques are successful. Choose your style or invent your own. It’s all about how fast it arrives and whether it is in the right position to be taken. 


Author: Liz Hollis

I am a journalist, media and content consultant.

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