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Nifty move for beating a hockey defender

The hockey ‘pop’ move I love this little elimination moveĀ from Lauren Penny at the Hockey Performance Academy. Called the ‘pop’ it does what it says on the tin – allow you to lift the ball over a defender’s stick. It’s … Continue reading

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Here’s how the Australians coach

Coaching drills – what the Australians do. Looking for a great training drill idea? This is an excellent five on five game from Hockey Australia. Whizz forward to 9:30 and you’ll see the coach explain the drill. What’s great about … Continue reading

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How to score a deflection goal

Deflections and tip-ins are one of the most common ways to score a goal – redirecting the course of a ball hit by a team mate into the goal. Become skilled at it and you’ll be popular with your team. … Continue reading

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