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Drag flick – Canadian national team captain shares his tips

  Canadian national team captain Scott Tupper shares a few tips on how he executes a winning drag flick… # Start moving towards the ball when it has half way across the D after the injector has released it. # … Continue reading

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The deceptive sweep in field hockey

  The sweep is a useful hockey move and this builds on that. This video shows how by opening up your shoulder and getting low, you can fake as if to pass one way and then sweep the ball in … Continue reading

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Defending – tips from Shiv Jagday

A new video Tackling Drills, Techniques & Strategies for Field Hockey by former Olympic hockey coach Shiv Jagday has some useful tips. #1 It’s more important to know when to commit and tackle than how to tackle. The skill is … Continue reading

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This girl can – how not to pick hockey teams

Why grassroots hockey should never use the ‘captains-pick-teams-one-by-one’ method of team sorting…. Hockey is a competitive sport, but the Back to Hockey campaign is all inclusive. It welcomes players of all ages and abilities. However, there’s an inherent contradiction in … Continue reading

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How to defend a drag flick

The latest issue of Planet Hockey (issue 3, see link below to download) is well worth a look and has an interesting¬†feature on defending a drag flick. It suggests… #1 Prepare early and decide on a defensive set up. Many … Continue reading

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