Defending – tips from Shiv Jagday

A new video Tackling Drills, Techniques & Strategies for Field Hockey by former Olympic hockey coach Shiv Jagday has some useful tips.

#1 It’s more important to know when to commit and tackle than how to tackle. The skill is in recognising the situation and knowing what to do: poke, block or just channel.

#2 Never over commit with a poke tackle because you will have shifted your weight so far forward you can’t recover. Instead, just hassle with quick small steps and put the forward under huge pressure. Put artificial pressure on so player doesn’t know if you are going to commit or not. ‘Like a cobra, then a cobra strikes you dead,’ he says. ‘Look at the great boxers. They show the left then jab right.’ Put pressure then back off.

#3 If you move your shoulder rather than facing straight on you can channel the player where you want them to go.

For information on buying the video go to


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