Here’s how to score a goal with a deflection from the left #fieldhockey…



That moment when the ball is coming to you, you’re in the D, last player standing and you need to deflect from the left to score. No pressure then!

To help ensure you actually capitalise on those lovely passes from your teammates -here’s how Hockey Australia suggest you can deflect the ball from the left.

# Receive the ball slightly to the right side of the body.

# Hold the stick stationary at the desired angle of the deflection. (This is key as you don’t have to do a massive sweep with the stick).

# Allow the ball to hit the stick – again Hockey Australia say you don’t have to sweep.

# Also if you’re trying to score, make sure you are still inside the D otherwise you’ll still need somebody else on the end of your deflection, to deflect into the goal. Hmmm!


Author: Liz Hollis

I am a journalist, media and content consultant.