Review of Grays GX6000 Scoop Xtra Hockey Stick



Cost: Around £100. Dynabow profile. This was an impulse buy. In the sports shop with it in my hand, the ‘scoop xtra’ head appealed and seemed to cling to the ball. According to the Grays website  it is ‘ideal for hitting and 3D skills’. It also features ‘the new Quadrex Blade Profile to give improved drag flick momentum to the Dynabow shape’.

I was excited to use it, but from the start it just didn’t feel right in my hand. Yes, it gives quite good control when receiving and moving the ball – but it’s no better than my favourite GX8000 Midbow which I love. However, and for me it is a big however, the scoop stick seemed to have a much-reduced power when hitting compared to my other Grays sticks. Grays GX8000 Midbow I used it in training a few times, but it didn’t even make it out of my bag on match day. Just really didn’t like the feel of it. I totally agree with the customer review on Barrington Sports which says they haven’t quite been able to find the sweet spot on it.  It’s probably a personal thing, but I now just keep it in my office for messing around with between work assignments. It’s extra stiff and supposed to enhance your drag flick. Well, I’m not a drag flicker and it wasn’t obvious in the sports shop that I bought it from that it was designed for drag flicking, or I would never have bought it. Not for me.

Customer review on Barrington Sports




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