How Dutch international Robert van der Horst beats a defender

I love this new video showing Robert van der Horst training and talking about hockey. Check out the brilliant 3D elimination move at 1:40. He moves the ball on his forehand towards the defender’s stick. The defender thinks they are going to get it, but at the last minute he moves the ball over the opponents stick with a twist to the back hand. Amazing skills.

Gifts for hockey lovers

hockey 5

I’ve started a new business  Pure Hockey gift shop out of frustration. I love hockey – and lots of my friends and family love hockey – but I can never find a present for them that relates to hockey.

It was my birthday recently and my partner went into the sports shop looking for an extra little present for me but there was nothing. He already bought me a glitter hockey ball and a wooden mini hockey key ring for Christmas last year.

Similarly, I failed to find anything hockey related to give to my sister in law.

So I’ve started my own hockey gift business – making and selling gifts that i would like to give or receive. Presents aimed at the hockey-mad person in your life.

There is now a range of t-shirts in the shop and I plan to add lots more items as we get nearer the holiday season. If you have any ideas for things you’d like to see, I’d love you to comment on this post.

How using SOB hockey technique can help you score more goals. Tips from an Australian coach

Coach Paul Gaudoin teaches some future team Australia players how to deal with some of the new tactics he has seen emerging in International hockey.

He’s noticed that players are physical and might barge in and dispossess you of the ball. To combat this he insists players must use SOB techniques – stick on ball.

He talks about this at 3:40 into the video – and shows how to get a ball away at the goal for a shot without taking your stick away. Hope it helps you score more goals.