Lockdown hockey. Tips for hockey skills and fitness at home

A round-up of tips and advice to keep your hockey skills and fitness going while you’re stuck at home…

Hockey strength and conditioning

Ciaran O’Connell a personal trainer from Reading Hockey Club, in the UK, offers short video fitness sessions. Great if you’re missing hockey and want a workout that uses your stick so you can vaguely remember what playing feels like.


Hockey Training. This company offers workouts designed for ice-hockey but there’s still some functional fitness moves here that will transfer to field hockey. There’s also a useful ‘hockey yoga’ video that you can do in a small space.





Or check out this earlier Pure Hockey blog post  about boosting your hockey fitness or some hockey-specific gym exercises to train yourself faster and fitter. This earlier blog post also looks at gym exercises, if you have access to weights at home (lucky you – there’s not a dumbbell available to buy anywhere online under lockdown!)

Hockey skills

It might be a team game, but you can still work on your individual skills at home.

AKH Hockey Lockdown Skills. This is a great video demonstrating the ‘show and go’ move to eliminate a defender. I like the footage from real match showing the move in action.


Hockey at Home Clinic. Tom Craig from Kookaburras has uploaded a video showing a jinking skill plus some advice on body position and elimination.



Lots of drills and exercises on the HockeyAustralia YouTube site. In this video Hockeyroos high performance physio Steve Allen demonstrates some hockey-specific exercises for all levels. Demonstrated by player Madison Fitzpatrick.


BAUER HOCKEY strength and conditioning

Again this is taken from ice-hockey but will transfer well to field hockey. Bauer Hockey YouTube channel has some great home workouts to train for power and strength.


The Hockey Paper

Check The Hockey Paper’s website and twitter for tips on what the international and national league players are doing to keep hockey fit. Plus some ideas for boosting your own skills, including a pre-scanning drill posted on Twitter by Jimmy Culnane. @jculnane

Wootton Wanderers Hockey Club

John, coach at the Northampton-based club has uploaded some skills drills to Facebook Some great ideas here for people living in smaller spaces, including using a tennis ball instead of a hockey ball.

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