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How to slap hit with added power and deception

Posted on June 6, 2017by Liz Hollis The quality of this video isn’t that great – but it still makes some interesting points about how you might be able to make your slap hit a little more powerful. It’s also … Continue reading

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Why hockey can be a pain in the elbow

It has all sorts of names: tennis elbow; golfers elbow; lateral epicondylitis; medial epicondylitis – but I just call it elbow pain. I know lots of hockey players of a certain age, usually over 40, who have their elbow strapped … Continue reading

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How and when to use the hockey ‘squeeze shot’

The squeeze shot is an effective shot to employ when you are in a crowded D. This video shows how and where it works well. Bring hands together further down the stick or up high. Higher gives more power. Place … Continue reading

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Train your hockey gaze: shooting more goals on target with the ‘quiet eye’ technique

Sports psychologists are researching elite athletes’ vision on the ball. They are finding that apparently the better athletes are at making the ball go where they want it too, the better they are at something called ‘quiet eye’ tracking. Scientists at … Continue reading

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Watching Olympic hockey? Here’s how to try the sport for yourself

  With the Olympic hockey providing such entertaining viewing, it’s a great time to get into playing the sport yourself. It’s great fun, good for fitness and in the UK there’s a whole programme devoted to easing you back into the sport … Continue reading

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How Dutch international Robert van der Horst beats a defender

I love this new video showing Robert van der Horst training and talking about hockey. Check out the brilliant 3D elimination move at 1:40. He moves the ball on his forehand towards the defender’s stick. The defender thinks they are … Continue reading

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