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Train your hockey gaze: shooting more goals on target with the ‘quiet eye’ technique

Sports psychologists are researching elite athletes’ vision on the ball. They are finding that apparently the better athletes are at making the ball go where they want it too, the better they are at something called ‘quiet eye’ tracking. Scientists at … Continue reading

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Drag flick – Canadian national team captain shares his tips

  Canadian national team captain Scott Tupper shares a few tips on how he executes a winning drag flick… # Start moving towards the ball when it has half way across the D after the injector has released it. # … Continue reading

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How to defend a drag flick

The latest issue of Planet Hockey (issue 3, see link below to download) is well worth a look and has an interesting feature on defending a drag flick. It suggests… #1 Prepare early and decide on a defensive set up. Many … Continue reading

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Drag flick body position secret – why you have to get back and chest low

This video from Reds Hockey Club, Perth, Australia is helpful for learning to dragflick because it slows the clip and directs you to focus on one aspect of the shot. The coach is Nico Resta from Argentina. He says there … Continue reading

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Drag flicking – masterclass with one of the best in the world, Holland’s Mink Van der Weerden technique

Dutch hockey player Mink Van der Weerden does the business when it comes to drag flicking. Ross Bone, writing in The Telegraph, said: “In the men’s game, the names of the world class drag flickers roll off the tongue: Mink … Continue reading

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Gadget that helps you learn to dragflick. Does it work?

There’s a machine available to help you learn to dragflick. It’s what amounts to an elevated platform. It’s called the Sleeppush – and looks like a mini ski slope. But does it work – and can you buy one? From … Continue reading

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