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How to slap hit with added power and deception

Posted on June 6, 2017by Liz Hollis The quality of this video isn’t that great – but it still makes some interesting points about how you might be able to make your slap hit a little more powerful. It’s also … Continue reading

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Do you want to eliminate players? Try ‘the ramp’

  Just spotted this new Youtube clip on the Grays twitter feed @GraysHockey. It shows a brilliant little stick work trick you can use to eliminate a defender and it’s called ‘the ramp’. A great skill to use as you … Continue reading

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How to use ‘the spin’ move to escape a defender

  This video from The Hockey Performance Academy is worth a look if you want to perfect the spin – turning the ball in a circular movement to escape a defender. It’s demonstrated here by Ryan Julius from South Africa … Continue reading

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#1 How to play left midfield in field hockey: be a great outlet

#1 Act as a great outlet on 16s Left midfield is a tricky but crucial position on the pitch. One of the roles can be to act as an outlet when your defender is taking a 16. This screengrab above is … Continue reading

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Intercepting the ball in field hockey

I’m out injured at the moment – torn calf – so I’ve been watching my team from the sidelines. I have learned just as much watching as playing this last couple of weeks. Firstly, I’ve noticed that the winning, best … Continue reading

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