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Why hockey can be a pain in the elbow

It has all sorts of names: tennis elbow; golfers elbow; lateral epicondylitis; medial epicondylitis – but I just call it elbow pain. I know lots of hockey players of a certain age, usually over 40, who have their elbow strapped … Continue reading

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Confidence on the hockey pitch

  You can usually tell which hockey team is winning at first glance, even before you’ve heard the score. The losers are the ones with the closed, negative body language: heads down, shoulders slumped, eyes down. If you feel nervous and lack … Continue reading

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GB women’s team look sexy to gain press coverage

GB Women’s hockey team members have taken part in a photo shoot on behalf of their sponsors Investec (see still from photo shoot above). It appeared here in Telegraph Sport. The article also has lots more interesting information and stats about … Continue reading

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Secrets of focus and confidence on the pitch – lessons from golf

Your ability to perform under pressure can be as important as your physical skills. Here are some tips gleaned from golf… According to Robin Sieger, author of Golf’s Moment of Truth: How to play under pressure and avoid the choke point, … Continue reading

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Train yourself faster and fitter for hockey

An elite midfielder will cover 9k during a game, according to a report in England Hockey magazine. The best way to boost fitness for the pitch is via sprint drills and gym work, says the report. The Ladder (also called Suicide Runs) … Continue reading

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Short or tall – don’t look at others, play to your own strengths, says Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles talks to juniors In this clip Mark Knowles is talking to some junior players. At 19.20 minutes in he talks about why it’s important to play to your strengths. This resonated with me as I’m very petite! “Don’t … Continue reading

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