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How to score more goals in hockey

This video from Lauren Penny’s Field Hockey Performance Academy is worth a watch. She gives tips for when your team is dominating and you just can’t score…or for when you just want to score more goals. Who doesn’t? Composure. Don’t … Continue reading

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How to slap hit with added power and deception

Posted on June 6, 2017by Liz Hollis The quality of this video isn’t that great – but it still makes some interesting points about how you might be able to make your slap hit a little more powerful. It’s also … Continue reading

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How to score a deflection goal

Deflections and tip-ins are one of the most common ways to score a goal – redirecting the course of a ball hit by a team mate into the goal. Become skilled at it and you’ll be popular with your team. … Continue reading

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Jamie Dwyer elimination trick

A great hockey tip from Jamie Dwyer, one of the world’s best Australian hockey players. This is such a good way to eliminate an opposition player in the D, but you’d need to keep your calm to do it. This can … Continue reading

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How to play right wing in field hockey. Insights from playing left back

An injury for a friendly match meant that I had to play left defender in a club hockey match last Saturday. Marking and patrolling to prevent right side attacks from the opposition was one of the best eye openers I … Continue reading

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