2015-16 season rule changes for hockey. No more long corners

There are some FIH rule changes for the coming 2015-1 season. Click here to find out more detail about the 2015 rule changes

The key ones players need to know about are…

  • No more long corners. If the ball is sent over the back line unintentionally by a defender, it won’t be a long corner now. Instead, the ball will be moved back to the 23 line, in line with where it went off the back of the pitch.
  • If an attacking free hit is awarded just outside the circle, it can be taken from that point and will no longer be moved back to the dotted line. The ball still needs to move five feet or be touched by another player before entering the circle.


Test yourself on field hockey rules

The rules of hockey can be confusing – especially when club level umpires often don’t seem to understand them either! I’ve just had the frustrating experience of confusing umpiring at summer league. I’m not an umpire so I may have this wrong (do please correct me in comments if you know the correct ruling) – however, most of us figured we were robbed of a goal.

Our attacker scored a clean top of the D goal in a seven-a-side match. Her feet were mostly outside the D but the ball was definitely inside. We figured it should be a goal, but the umpire didn’t allow it because she was outside the D.

Admittedly, summer league umpires are volunteers, often learning (although I have it on authority this one was supposedly fully experienced). Harumph! We lost the match one nil because our disallowed goal meant we didn’t get a draw.

England Hockey has a reference site for anybody wanting to brush up on the rules.


You can study the rules and watch videos showing how they might be applied during play. There’s also an online test to check your knowledge.