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Are you struggling to find the right words for your hockey or sporting business? Do you have a blog, brochure, website or email newsletter but find it a challenge to know what to write in them? Do you need help with writing anything from  web content to email, editing or content marketing? Would you like a professional journalist to consult on the content on your website, blog or email marketing?

I can help. Find out more about my copywriting on

I am an award-winning, experienced and professionally trained journalist, editor and copywriter.

Many thanks to hockey international Lauren Penny from the Hockey Performance Academy for this testimonial explaining the kinds of things I can do.

I also do a lot of writing and content work for Get into Golf, an England Golf campaign to encourage more people to play the sport.

Get in touch

How I work? I work on an hourly basis for clients around the world. I specialise in writing about sport, fitness, psychology, work and health – and hockey.

Test working with me first by booking an hour at a discounted trial rate to see if you’re happy with the results. Email for more information or to let me know what writing challenges you need help with.

I can help…

  • Rework or edit copy you have already written,  but isn’t quite working for you
  • Provide copy and case studies for your website, magazine or marketing
  • Brainstorm with you for blog post ideas if you know you need to blog but don’t know what to write
  • Edit and create new content for your website, email marketing or blog
  • Find the best story in your business and write it in a press release
  • Work with you wherever you are based in the world. Let me know what you need help with by emailing me at and I’ll let you know how I can help.
  • Help you with content for your social media


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