Drag flick body position secret – why you have to get back and chest low

This video from Reds Hockey Club, Perth, Australia is helpful for learning to dragflick because it slows the clip and directs you to focus on one aspect of the shot.

The coach is Nico Resta from Argentina.

He says there are 15 or 16 points to think about when learning to dragflick and this video looks mostly at three – footwork, body and finishing position.

Coaching points:

Grip: Start with your bottom hand in the middle of the stick. You can move it higher as you become more adept.

Feet: Left starts level with the ball.

Back: Chest and back have to be ‘really low’. This is because hand and stick have to parallel with the floor. ‘Always low until you release the ball’.

Here’s another clip of Nico showing off his stick and ball trick skills.

And another of him in action. I love the ball played ahead into space at 6:44 in this clip.


Drag flicking – masterclass with one of the best in the world, Holland’s Mink Van der Weerden technique

Dutch hockey player Mink Van der Weerden does the business when it comes to drag flicking. Ross Bone, writing in The Telegraph, said: “In the men’s game, the names of the world class drag flickers roll off the tongue: Mink van der Weerden of the Netherlands, England’s Ashley Jackson and Tom Boon of Belgium to name just a few.”Telegraph.co.uk

Luckily, for those studying the art of the drag flick, Mink Van der Weerden gives a master class for Living Hockey that’s available to watch on YouTube. I think this is most useful for looking at the run up to a drag flick because he shows how far your feet should be away from the ball by placing two feet. It’s also interesting in that he explains that you have to hold off early in the shot, keeping your stick up and he then shows the exact point at which the power and flicking begin. Well worth a watch – or 10!

I’ve also taken a screen grab from the video compilation of his goals at the top of this post, which may also be helpful in illustrating just how wide his stance is during a drag flick. Viewed like this it almost looks like gymnastics!

mink goal 5


Just for good measure, here’s a link to a compilation of clips about drag flicking. Just in case you have time on your hands! Drag flicking videos